Have a Drink (or several)!

hose drinkI know the title of this post is both intriguing and misleading. But, in my defense, it’s in the interest of your optimal health and gives you some great ideas on how to stay hydrated throughout the day if you don’t enjoy pounding water every hour. And getting enough fluids is probably the most under-appreciated but easiest to correct method of stabilizing your blood sugar, regulating your appetite, metabolizing fat more efficiently and avoiding spontaneous cravings and eating excess calories.

I firmly believe that my drinking habit, outlined below, is a major factor in keeping me lean and far less vulnerable to the chaotic eating habits many of my clients struggle with every day.

Here’s a typical “drinking” day for me:







4:45am – A cup of filtered water (I keep sliced lemon or lime in my Britta filter pitcher), a few ounces each of Odwalla Original Superfood and V8.


5:30am – 16-oz whole milk decaf latte

8:00am – 16-oz herbal tea (cinnamon, mint, green, white, fruit or black/fruit tea blend)

9:00am – 4:00pm – Alternating between tea and water, always drinking before, but not during, meals and snacks.


5:30pm – Tea if I’ve already had dinner, sometimes a latte if I’m going to the studio and planning on eating after my last client (7pm or later) to buy me time so I’m not voracious at dinner. Usually I can get by after that with some veggies and a small amount of protein.

7:00pm – Occasionally a cup of tea after dinner.

During the warmer months I usually ice the tea simply by brewing a bag in half a mug of water, letting it steep and cool and then pouring it over a glass of ice.

I also have either a Jamba Juice Kale-ribbean Breeze smoothie (substituting soy milk for the mango juice to reduce sugar and increase protein) or make my own smoothie with equal parts whole milk, full fat Greek yogurt, frozen spinach, bananas, blackberries and mangoes a couple of times a week in place of a heavy snack or meal.

Try adopting some or all of these simple practices and notice how much better you feel, how you start dropping fat and are less prone to sudden, powerful cravings for sweets or grains. Not to mention a more peaceful and productive relationship with the smallest room in your house!

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