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The Anti-Soda

Do you or your kids have a soft spot in your hearts for soft drinks? Then here’s a great trick to get at least as tasty experience in a much, much MUCH healthier way: Get your favorite juice (or try … Continue reading

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What to Eat Before a Workout

Last Friday at an intense exercise class I lead at a local company, a new participant had a bit of a rough time, especially at the end. It’s happened before from time to time with my private clients as well. … Continue reading

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Fitness Checklist (1-10)

I like lists. They clarify and reduce waste (time and energy). This one can also reduce your waist. Take a look and see what you’re doing from the list below, and what you’re not. The missing items could be your … Continue reading

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Habit #12: The Right Music During Your Workout

Do you get charged up when you listen to hip hop or death metal? Maybe dance music fuels your fire for movement. Is Motown your thing? Or perhaps a nice dose of Carpenters or Michael Bolton is what you need … Continue reading

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Healthy Habit #11: Par Courses

If you’re one of those people who thrives on being outdoors while you’re exercising, but you live in an urban or suburban area, par courses (which go by other names as well) may be right up your alley. These are … Continue reading

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