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Body Fat% or BMI?

This chart gives an accurate representation of the aesthetics of various body fat levels. Body fat is a much more useful data point for health than Body Mass Index (BMI), which is simply a height/weight ratio. More muscle on your … Continue reading

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Need Band Rehearsal/Live Recording Space in Pleasanton?

Local Musicians: I have a 1500sf fitness training studio near Valley and Stanley Blvd in Pleasanton (between Downtown Pleasanton and Livermore) that is available for use for rehearsal on weeknights (Tue – Fri) after 7pm and Sat/Sun afternoons. There are … Continue reading

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Dan’s Sample Daily Food Diary

(As a trainer, my workday follows the client’s schedule demands. I’m up and to bed early than most, as you can see. Quantities are expressed in terms of a closed fist size portion, which relates to the individual’s frame size. … Continue reading

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