Can’t Outrun the Train (so ride it with style)

Me and M at HMBAt 52 (53 in a few months), and as someone who has chosen teaching fitness as a not terribly lucrative but incredibly rewarding career, I have a few quality-of-life related observations:

  • Having your woman caress your bald head is way better than having a great head of hair.
  • Enjoying a trip to the park with your kids and a football is more fun than watching sports on TV.
  • Feeling good after and between meals is more important than eating as much food as you can at a sitting.
  • The benefits of a few friends who know all the stupid things you’ve done far outweigh the achievement of impressing a bunch of people you don’t know.
  • Watching your kids act like decent human beings in the world is more satisfying than bragging about their school or career-related accomplishments.
  • Looking your age is just fine. Being able to do a lot more than your parents could at the same age is even better.

The irony of taking good care of yourself by exercising and eating well is that doing it is the most effective pathway to wanting to do it more. It’s the same with spending time and attention on your spiritual/emotional/psychological health.

Just a few minutes each day for each and you know what having a good life, for as long as we are blessed to enjoy it, truly means.

I’m very grateful for mine.

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