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More to Get Less (Fat)

Want to get lean and stay that way? Try applying some of these simple “More than / Less than” ratios to correct common exercise and eating mistakes that thwart your efforts to flatten that belly and trim your thighs: More … Continue reading

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Have a Drink (or several)!

I know the title of this post is both intriguing and misleading. But, in my defense, it’s in the interest of your optimal health and gives you some great ideas on how to stay hydrated throughout the day if you … Continue reading

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Can’t Outrun the Train (so ride it with style)

At 52 (53 in a few months), and as someone who has chosen teaching fitness as a not terribly lucrative but incredibly rewarding career, I have a few quality-of-life related observations: Having your woman caress your bald head is way … Continue reading

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