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A No Stuffing (yourself) Thanksgiving

A few things to remember this Thanksgiving: 1. You’re giving thanks for what you already have. 2. A veggie tray with hummus or Greek yogurt based dip is a good place to start. 3. Pre- and post-dinner physical activity is … Continue reading

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Fitness and Nutrition Trade-Offs

I know that a popular trade off is: “If I eat this slice of cake I need to do X number of additional (fill in the blank – sit-ups, minutes/hours on the treadmill, etc.) It doesn’t really work that way. … Continue reading

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New Club TVT Schedule (as of Nov 25)

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Warming Up to the Run

Do you consider jogging 10 – 30 yards at a 3/4 pace  an adequate warm-up for a 20-min+ run? It’s not. Why? Because the lower body needs a gentler introduction to the repetitive, high-impact/sheer force combination that’s characteristic of running. … Continue reading

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Fitness Clothes and Shoes I Love!

1. Innov8 Shoes. If I could have a crush on a pair of shoes, these would be the ones. I’m on my feet most of the day, have hideously deformed feet due to my medical textbook level bunions and I … Continue reading

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