7 Simple Steps to Holding the Line on the Holidays

reindeer treatsWant to make sure you don’t put on any more fat during the holidays you’ll be struggling to unload before next spring and summer? Follow this guide and you will.

First a few ground rules to remember:

1. You need to be honest with yourself if you’re choosing to eat for enjoyment or comfort rather than because your body needs food. That way you take full responsibility and control of your behavior, which is key to producing the desired outcome.

2. Remember that peer pressure is a lousy reason to eat sweets or drink alcohol. Is your friend, co-worker or family member going to be able to undo the effects of the decision you made to go against your commitment to yourself to control your eating? Are they really to blame for your mistakes? No one eats without their own permission.

3. Don’t associate eating with enjoying the company around you.  Presence and gratitude for that person or group of people sharing your time is the real treat; not what you’re putting in your mouth.

So here are a few tips that will help you avoid going off the rails when the holiday sweets and mega-meals start tempting you:

1. Serve (if you’re hosting) or bring fresh fruit AND fresh veggies when holiday dining at yours or someone else’s home. Veggies are delicious with hummus, French onion dip made with Greek yogurt substituted for sour cream or guacamole made with fresh avocado and salsa (add salt and pepper to taste).

2. Have a full glass of water or herbal tea before eating anything.

3. Eat veggies until your stomach starts to feel the volume of food in it.

4. Eat between half a piece and a piece of fruit.

5. Eat whatever else is served (emphasizing protein over grains) only until comfortably satisfied.

6. Keep sweets to a maximum of one piece (cookie, small brownie, etc.) or less (sharing is even better). If you think you can’t exercise the control to have just one piece, skip it.

7. Don’t drink unnecessary liquid calories (alcohol, soda and juice). They go down much too easily and quickly and can torpedo your efforts to stay lean in mere minutes (if not seconds).

That’s it. Practice these steps through the first of January and you’ll have the best start for your summer, and lifelong, lean body.

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