Healthy Habit #2: No Grains After 4pm

4pmOkay, I admit it. Even though I teach fitness and nutrition for living, I do, sometimes get hooked into buying a consumer fitness magazine. Call it a loosely professional “guilty pleasure”. Sure, there are always impossibly good looking people who are muscular and lean beyond imagination on the covers. And you know going in that anything you learn from the contents of the magazine aren’t going to make you look remotely like the casually smiling, sand frolicking, Frisbee-throwing Adonis (or Barbie) urging you to “Go on, pick me up – you’ll look just like me after spending $2.95 and reading for 30 minutes!”

Still, one magazine I’ve gotten some good ideas from that has a pretty solid editorial staff is Men’s Health. One day I picked up one of those “Best of..” repackaging of previous articles and there were a couple of revealing bits of information. An article written by a cover model for the magazine (and others) laid out a mutli-point plan he uses to “lean down” before the photo shoot.

So feverishly I poured through the article looking for something I wasn’t already doing, just on the chance that I might figure out how to drop a few more points of body fat. I’m currently in the mid 150s at about 5’8″, but fairly muscular for my relatively small frame.

Here’s the one he mentioned I wasn’t already practicing:

Get in all your grains (whole grains) by 4pm each day.

Why? Because it’s easy to over consume those at night (cereal, bread, rice, crackers are fun to munch mindlessly beyond caloric and carbohydrate needs at that point in the day) and because that leaves room in your stomach for veggies and protein, which you may not have consumed enough of at that point in the day.

Try it yourself. It made a big difference for me after I read it and put it into practice – taking that soft “deflated doughnut” around my navel to, basically, nothing.

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