Healthy Habit #1: Educate Yourself on Healthy Habits


This is an idea I got from a cool article I read years ago.
In the piece, the author makes a persuasive argument that you can change your life for the better in ways you never believed you could stick to long-term if you simply make an agreement with yourself to do it as a “30-Day Trial”.
What I like about it is that he makes the case that if you intend to stop after the 30 days, it actually becomes a much less daunting task, and, in fact, can be fun challenge to give yourself. And, ironically, it may even make the change more likely to become permanent.
So I’d like to throw my own variation of that challenge out for you. Add one new habit each week to accumulate, week over week, twelve new healthy habits. Keep them simple and manageable, and they should, ideally, compliment each other as well.
If your goal in reading this blog is to get lean and fit, make reading the blog the habit for this week. If you’re caught up, go back and re-read one of the older articles and really think deeply about whether you’ve gotten as much from the article as you can. Often we’re much more inclined to browse an article or read a book on a worthwhile topic than to actually put anything we read into action. That can drain us and erode our self-esteem. I know I’ve done that with the dozens of personal effectiveness/self improvement books I read, so my current focus is to spend at least as much time practicing each day as reading new material.
You may also be more likely to integrate some of this stuff into your daily life if you pick a “buddy” to read and discuss the concepts with on a regular basis. A supportive friend or co-worker, especially one who is going through the same process as you are, can be an invaluable help in your own personal growth, as you can be with theirs.
So try it out – read the blog at least once a week and I promise to keep giving you the best I have, starting with a healthy new habit to cultivate each week.
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