Need Band Rehearsal/Live Recording Space in Pleasanton?

Local Musiciansempty studio 1: I have a 1500sf fitness training studio near Valley and Stanley Blvd in Pleasanton (between Downtown Pleasanton and Livermore) that is available for use for rehearsal on weeknights (Tue – Fri) after 7pm and Sat/Sun afternoons.

There are tons of outlets, lots of open space, rubber floors and you can get nice and loud empty studio 3since the nearest residential area is about 1/4 mile away.

There is also a six channel PA already set up and ten each speakers positioned in three corners of the room.

$30 for the evening/afternoon.empty studio 2

Must be mature, responsible and reliable! That includes leaving the place as clean and untouched as you found it. This is my place of business. Please have a reference I know (the responsible, working musician in the area who passed this on to you).

empty studio pa

Please e-mail me at if you meet the criteria and are interested.


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