Can Explosive Movements be Low Impact?

Guest Author: Sara Solomon, NASM-CPT

When we hear “explosive” in terms of movement, we tend to think of Plyometrics – Box jumps, tuck jumps, hand-release push ups – just to name a few. These types of exercises are highly effective for increasing speed, stamina, and muscle endurance while engaging core stabilizers. However, explosive movements can be stressful on the joints. This is not ideal for those who are relatively new to exercise or are nursing injuries.

The good news is that explosive movements can be executed without a lot of impact. For example, a speed squatplank may replace a jump squat. Both are full-body, explosive movements, yet the speed squat doesn’t require propelling your feet off the ground, therefore reducing impact. The depth of your squat can still be full-range, even without jumping. Staying in the top part of the range will also achieve similar results while limiting the load placed on your joints.

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