Get Fit and Dan Gives

“Dan is extremely professional and down to earth. He has an unparalleled ability to make you want to get up in the morning and work out. Dan_PaintI’ve lost over 30 pounds and have added lean muscle. He’s given me the motivation and skills needed to live a healthy lifestyle.” – Tosh Cero

“Dan is knowledgeable, professional and worth your time and money! He helped my husband and I get much stronger (safely) and improved our cardio fitness. Excellent, fun trainer – I highly recommend him!” – Barbara Inderbitzen

“I have been scheduling two private sessions a week with Dan for over two years. I believe I have very high expectations of a private training session: a full body workout, creativity to maintain interest, sense of satisfaction (tired and sore, but no pain) at the end of each session, great health advice and discussion without feeling bullied, someone thoughtful and bright, clean and safe environment and equipment, and a full session at a reasonable cost. Dan meets these expectations. I know that I think, feel, look, and live better because of my sessions with Dan.” – Mark Linsky

Grant me the opportunity to help you live a higher quality life and help me help others in the community as well. Beginning January, I’ll be donating 100% of my first session fee for new clients who purchase three or more sessions, to a local non-profit organization. January’s recipient is Tri Valley Haven.

Together we can make a profound positive difference in yours and others’ lives. Contact me at or here to learn more or take advantage of this offer.

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