Treat Your Eating Habits Like an Important Relationship

comforting a friendPlease get this – You won’t eat more healthfully (or exercise, for that matter) because you think you should. The only way you will adopt an approach to eating that will make you healthier and happier is to decide it’s important to you.

Expectations based on the perceived opinions of others or even expectations you have of yourself that are rooted in comparisons to others are fragile and unreliable motivators for long-term positive change.

But if you treat the process of nourishing yourself like your role as a parent, spouse, close friend or as someone who views their job as contributing in an important way to the betterment of others, it’s a whole different ball game. This is the cradle of real transformation.

Those two elements – that the act and its intended result is important to you, and that an essential purpose of it is to serve someone (yourself, primarily, in the case of exercise and healthful eating but also those around you by extension) are the critical qualities that will allow you to devote yourself to better habits that embody a new and vastly enhanced physical quality of life.

Consider these two conditions and observe how they present in other areas of your life that feel “on purpose”.

Feeling better is much more than just having a smaller waistline and more energy – it’s defining and extending who you were meant to be.

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