Stepping up Your Running Game

runningDo you run on a regular basis? Are you looking for a way to beef up your intensity that isn’t simply running faster or longer?

Try this:

Warm up for a few minutes with some full-body sweeping style movements like toe touches and/or leg sweeps (standing with feet planted shoulder width, arms extended above your head with your thumbs locked, sweep your arms down and alternate each leg coming up to meet your hands somewhere around the middle of your body).

Then, start the clock. Divide up each five minute block as follows:

Minutes 1 – 3  Run/jog at a moderate pace.

Minute 4         Alternate burpees (leap optional) with floor kicks , switching between the two each five minute block.

Minute 5          Walk or jog at a comfortable recovery pace.

This sequence also works great if you run with a less-fit friend and don’t want to either leave them in the dust or sacrifice the quality of your own workout. The only difference with this application is that at the end of the third minute, you simply sprint up ahead for 10-20 seconds, and then do your burpees or floor kicks while you’re waiting for them to catch up to you.

This variation on the standard run will spike your heart rate, building your endurance more efficiently while disbursing the normal running knee/shin stress over more of your body and from completely different angles.

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