Why Your Trainer’s on a Diet


If you work with a trainer or attend the classes of a fitness instructor, he or she is doing one of three things:

1. Not putting any thought into her eating principles and practices (unlikely and by definition not the case for competent, responsible trainers.)

2. Following a set of practices designed to maximize nutrients, keep blood sugar stable and provide adequate protein for the workload to which they subject themselves with the intention of staying relatively even with their current body fat level.

3. Like many of you, in the process of modifying their eating habits in order to drop their body fat percentage to a lower level that will make them look and feel leaner and more firm.

Most trainers share their clients’ desire to look lean enough to show the fruits of their labor, which may or my not include a relatively flat abdomen, firm and toned muscles and often a leaner face. The difference is that most of us know better how to get there than our clients do, both in terms of general knowledge and specifically how the variables are affected for our particular bodies.

If we train a few to several times a week at a moderately high to very high level of intensity, then the first place we usually focus our attention is our eating habits. Why? Because we are trained to put our attention where the greatest opportunity exists. And if we work out regularly and robustly, the chances are there’s more opportunity on the eating side.

We also know that once someone begins or increases their fitness workload, it’s very common to simply eat more of whatever we previously ate, basically replenishing the extra calories we’re exhausting in our enhanced fitness programs.

But nearly everyone could use some fine-tuning of their eating in order to create the scenario where the body is depleting fat stores. It’s especially difficult for those already at low body fat levels (around 18% for women; 14% for men), so the formula has to be a good match for the individual.

I’ll go into greater details about two trainers’ respective efforts and results (so far a few to several pounds each in a couple of weeks), but today I wanted to make this main point:

If you already have your fitness program dialed in but you still want to get leaner, focus on your eating habits, plain and simple.

More next week…

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