Heart disease? Diabetes? Arthritis? Exercise!

couple running on beachAlthough reported regular exercise participation levels does not indicate it (20% self-reported in U.S.; actual participation is likely even lower), most everyone knows that the best way to reduce onset, risk and severity of many major diseases is to make fitness a priority. But like many unfortunate possible developments in our lives (injury, divorce, financial hardship), we often don’t think about the effects of those health threats until we’re dealing with the reality ourselves.

When I was in my 30’s, I was caught up in a career plan, a young family and keeping my house maintained. Now, at 52, I have friends who are recovering from cancer surgery, trying to rebuild their lives after economic ruin and some, like me, downsizing and simplifying their lives to focus on what we consider most important for the rest of lives – the people we love and taking care of ourselves physically and emotionally/spiritually.

A few days ago I joked with a client complaining of arthritis that we have two options – live long enough to develop it or, don’t. Cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes complications account for nearly half of all death and debilitating disease, combined. Exercise helps you avoid or minimize the risk of each.

But you knew that already.

Did you also know that, according to the Mayo Clinic (and every other reputable, authoritative source), exercise also helps reduce, sometimes dramatically, the symptoms and severity of these conditions once you already have them? That can be the critical difference between a poor and very good quality of life. And isn’t that the bottom line?

So, either exercise to avoid disease, or to lessen the effects and better manage it. If you live long enough, those are your only real options.

And I hope you do.


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