Dropping the Excess Fat for Good – Part 2

Week2Your first week struggling with your schedule is in the books; hopefully you’re feeling more energetic and alert due to the additional sleep you’re getting based on adopting last week’s tip.

So now it’s time to address the most influential factor in the “get and stay lean” equation:

Clean eating.

Here’s the simplest breakdown I can provide for your eating decisions – they’re always based on one or the other of these two motivating elements:

1. The quality of the nutrition you’re providing your body

2. Some reason unrelated to health (either spontaneous anticipated pleasure, cultivated impulse-satisfying patterns, or a combination of the two).

So this week, every time you make the decision to eat, ask yourself this question before the first bite, without fail and without judgment:

“What’s more important to me – the quality of the calories I’m putting in my body or satisfying this momentary impulse?”

If you decide to go with quality, it’s the concentration of vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber that are the jewels you’re seeking; health and vitality are your ultimate rewards.

For now, just concentrate on veggies, fruit and lean protein to increase the quality of your food choices. We’ll be covering very specific habits and practices that will help you get to a finely-tuned routine of healthy eating over the next few weeks.

That’s your focus for this week, along with continuing (or improving your consistency) your efforts to get more sleep.

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