Dropping the Excess Fat for Good – Part 1

flabThis is the first in a series that will, if you follow it, allow you to shed your extra cargo, finally, for good.

My approach will be targeting the most common habits NOT currently followed by the overwhelming majority of the hundreds of clients, club members, corporate employees and readers I’ve had over the last 16 years. These are the most frequently unexploited opportunities. See one in your life? Address it as a priority and, week over week, maintain your new healthy habit as you begin to target the next habit on the list. If the current week habit is something you already have nailed (look at your history objectively – there’s almost always at least a little room for improvement) that’s great. Just keep fine-tuning the habits you’ve adopted so far and wait for the following weeks habit.

I’ll also give you cool, easy to implement tips on how to actually integrate the habit into your life, practically seamlessly.

All that’s required of you?

Actually do it. It works. I promise.

First – Get at least seven hours of sleep. The recommendation is actually eight, but come on! I get my kids down (or get done with clients) no earlier than 8pm and get up between 4:30 and 4:45am most days. But when you do get more than seven hours (as opposed to less than six), hormonal responses in your body will not only allow you to metabolize and burn fat more efficiently, you’ll just feel more energetic, so more likely to exercise. Also, your appetite will be regulated much more evenly, so you’ll experience far fewer and less severe blood sugar fluctuations – the secret killer for most healthy eating efforts.

Want to feel great and help your body shed fat? Stay off the computer, the TV and your phone and get to bed as early as possible each night.


Learn more about how to get and stay in great shape? Contact Dan at Tri Valley Trainer

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