Unload the Guilt

let go of guiltWithin about 24 hours of each other, both Melissa and I had exchanges with people regarding guilt over not being more conscientious recently regarding their fitness programs.

Let it go.

Guilt is poison, masquerading as elixir. It claims to be the rose while pricking you with its thorns. Guilt tells you you’re bad (unworthy, deserving of punishment, etc.) in the present or future based on actions or inaction in the past. The past is gone. The present is the only stage you can ever take, so step up and make the decision that’s right for you this moment.

The irony of guilt is that is the single most wasteful way to exhaust the energy you have in the present moment. And the present moment energy is the only currency you really ever have to spend.

How do you want to spend it?

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