Five Weird Habits that Help Keep Me Fit

HealthHabits1. I like to start my weekdays with water, then vegetable juice, then a hard boiled egg, then a banana, then a whole milk decaf latte.

2. I do almost all the formats I plan for my fittest clients before I have them do them so I know exactly how the workouts will feel and so I can tweak any weak spots in the sequence before having them do the workouts.

3. I keep at least four protein sources around constantly. My favorites are whole milk, tuna, roasted soy nuts and hard boiled eggs.

4. I start my own workouts with large movement, low-impact activities like the elliptical trainer, stationary bike with arm movements or the battle rope to prepare my joints for more aggressive stress later in the workout.

5. I usually watch something inspirational on Youtube (that’s where I find many of the links I post on our Facebook page on “Wellness Wednesday”) or meditate before going to bed after I put the kids down.

Any habits you want to share? Post them on our FB page!

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