Keeping the Long View

dont give upJerry Seinfeld has a cute bit about how we can sabotage ourselves by yielding our discipline in a moment of impulse, only to get angry with ourselves later. It’s truly like we’re two people, one with a seemingly irresistible momentary urge, and then the one who has to deal with the fall-out later.

Here’s a surprisingly simple way to integrate the two so you’re less likely to thwart your best long-term efforts to create a better condition. And even when you stumble (and you will), you will own it.

This is the key to transcending the repetitive pattern:

The next time you’re tempted to eat something unhealthy or skip a workout, simply say out loud “I want this more right now”. That way you bear full, conscious responsibility for your choice and don’t blame yourself later as though someone else is culpable for your decision. And don’t judge yourself for making the choice to veer from your healthier path. That’s what you’re deciding and there are reasons that suit you in the moment.

But by claiming it verbally (even better if you write it down), you’re forced to consider both the decision’s long-term impact and its relative actual importance in your priority list. Then you can avoid the needless self-condemnation and you may just find that the next time you’re faced with the same decision, you want the long term benefit more than the short term pleasure.

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