Want to be Lean and Fit? Think of Yourself as Such.

The_Thinker_Auguste_RodinSince 1998, I’ve done my best to help every client, club member and corporate employee with whom I’ve had the honor to work to achieve their fitness goals. The specifics vary widely but nearly everyone wants to feel better and be able to do more than they currently do. Or at least they want to be able to do what they already do more easily.

Many also want to look and be leaner and more athletic. And most are willing to do the work – in theory. But of those I train twice a week or more frequently, the opportunity to create a firm, toned physique usually rests not in training more often or more effectively, but in eating “clean” consistently.

With some investigation, it’s usually not difficult to figure out what basic changes need to made for most people to achieve that lean, firm appearance. And for those who are truly motivated, the next level of inquiry and discussion leads to a few to several very specific practices that would be the tipping point for them if they were to actually implement them.

But there’s the rub. Few actually do with conviction and consistency. So the quest comes to a standstill. I used to share my clients’ frustration until I realized that my influence (quite properly) ends at educating and encouraging them. From that point, it’s all them.

Are you struggling with your commitment to getting and staying lean and fit? Want to know the secret? It’s simple. You have to “Act as though“.

What do I mean by that? Good parents put their kids first because that’s how they identify themselves and taking that approach is in concert with that sense of assumed identity. Students act like students, soldiers act like soldiers, teachers act like teachers and scientists act like scientists. If you think of yourself as athletic, or as a “fit” or health-conscious person, deep, at your core, and you know what to do to maintain that distinction, you will simply do it. Because it’s just that important.

A few year back I started responding to my clients who were at the precipice of that cliff, not yet poised to take that leap, and asking why they were not seeing the results they were hoping for with a direct, and perhaps seemingly harsh truth:

“Because you’re not ready to say ‘I am that” yet.

So think about the roles you assume for yourself and what you’re willing to do to live up to your own expectations within each of those roles. Know it’s because there is a small but powerful idea you hold that declares firmly “I am that”.

When you are ready to be a fit, lean, person, you don’t have to already look like one. But you need to believe you are “that”.

And then, the work will seem like the most natural thing in the world.

And like the message on a shirt I saw on a fit-looking young man on Main St. last week you can know this:

“I didn’t say it would be easy. I said it would be worth it.”

Learn more about how to get and stay in great shape? Contact Dan at Tri Valley Trainer


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