Boxing training is a great workout

dan boxing no MThe ladies in the picture made up my most recent boxing class. As you can see, they look very comfortable with the gloves on, and you wouldn’t want to tell them they didn’t.

I’ve taught boxing training (no contact among boxers; just hitting the bags and mitts) for about 20 years and it’s one of the funnest, most effective and broadly applicable training methods you can adopt. Why broadly applicable? Well, first for the obvious reasons, although no one wants to think about having to defend themselves or their loved ones. Beyond that, though, boxing training builds incredible stamina, muscle endurance, core stability and even improves coordination and balance.

And it’s a blast.

If you’re drawn to it, it’s best to learn from an experienced trainer who has either boxed or trained with amateurs or pros, as well as being a certified fitness trainer. That combination is hard to find. Besides myself, Paul Rubio of Elite Training here in Pleasanton enjoys that distinction and his facility specializes in it.

If you’re curious about the benefits and want to try private instruction (the best way to be introduced to the sport) you can reach me through our website listed below.

Learn more about how to get and stay in great shape? Contact Dan at Tri Valley Trainer

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