Best Diet NOWEU Week #1

155If you read last week’s blog post, you’ll know that I was hoping for a modest fat loss this week, if any. The body takes a week or so to get used to a different style of eating; especially if your mix of food groups changes proportions and your body is directed to access energy from other storage sources. This diet was meant to drive that process toward fat stores, while providing a very nutrient-rich calorie supply (because of the focus on produce), maintain maximal hydration, and, most importantly, stable blood sugar. Above all, this diet was designed to be simple and satisfying.

Here are my observations from the first week:

  • I lost two of the seven pounds of fat I’m looking to trim
  • I really enjoy drinking more water and tea
  • I’m eating a little more often because it’s so low in calories, but
  • Hunger comes on much more gradually and doesn’t need to be addressed as urgently
  • Keeping fresh veggies, fruit and cooked protein on hand takes a little planning but makes choosing food to eat much less complicated

My biggest concern was that I would miss dairy – Greek yogurt, milk for lattes and cheese. No big deal and I’m enjoying soy lattes.

The crock pot helped since I had some cooked pork to eat with veggies and top my salad along with the chicken and beef I ate out and the tuna I busted out of a can one night. Hard boiled eggs and boiled edamame (soy beans) are now in my refrigerator waiting to be enjoyed this week, as is the undressed kale, cabbage and carrot salad I’ll be eating every other day or so. The dressing? Lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and a little balsamic vinaigrette.

I suspect the weight I saw on the scale this morning was the low point of a natural daily swing for eating and elimination patterns, so I’ll be happy to see just one pound off or even just holding the line next week. The way I feel is its own reward and I’m confident that sticking to this will get me to my goal weight and body fat percentage on or before my birthday.

Stay tuned…


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