Get Strong and Flexible with This Method

strength and beautyWorried that lifting weights can make you tight and inflexible? Here’s a great approach to actually improve your flexibility through resistance training.

The reason it works so well is that it’s very demanding on the muscles, but most of the set loads the muscles while they’re opening up, not closing toward the center (Using biceps curls as an example):

Raise the weight using a normal, controlled tempo (about a second or two) but lower it over ten full seconds. Repeat this twice  more for three total “slow drop” reps, or a little over 30 seconds of total lifting time. Then go directly into a normal tempo (1-2 seconds in both directions) until you’re almost at complete failure. Finish the set with one more slow drop (10-seconds). Hold the weight in the final drop position for another five seconds. That’s it. And one set is all you need. Notice that after the set the muscles feel exhausted but open and loose.

Then remember to correct your posture throughout the day so your muscles recover on an aligned framework.

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