Mix it Up to Keep it Fresh

sepia workout guyAs a busy trainer (thanks goodness!) I have to plan my clients’ workouts and the classes I teach in advance. I try to do the same for my own workouts but all that planning can be hard to manage. So I mix and match, rotating modes and techniques I like so I don’t get stale. Here’s an example of a two- week plan I would set up for myself, and perhaps a few of my clients with similar profiles:

Week One

Mon: Strength (down-the-rack) + Cardio (elliptical 5 min, battle rope 4 min, med ball slam + toss 3 min, cone drills 2 min, jump jacks 1 min), core and stretching.

Wed: High-Intensity Muscle Endurance (tow tire [like a sled] pull, push, dumbbell shoulder press, curl and triceps extension), core and stretching.

Fri: Cross-Training + Strength (rope-skipping, hitting heavy bag 20 min, chin-ups, single leg squats and elevated foot push-ups), core and stretching.


Week Two

Mon: Strength + Cardio (five rounds of single leg deadlift [1 min], reverse lunges [1 min] and high-tension bike sprints [1 min] for legs leading 5/10 super-slow for each of the five upper body muscle groups), core and stretching.

Wed: High-Intensity Muscle Endurance (3-min sandbag drills [one min each “A-touch”, plank + pull through & leg threading]; rest, Terrible Three [one min each squat rows, push-up jacks and full-tension bike sprints + curl/shoulder press w/dumbbells]; repeat 3- 4 rounds), core and stretching.

Fri: Strength (half-range reps alt with full-range reps) + Cardio (6 min bike + arm sweeps leading first pair of strength exercises, 3 x 2 min equipment based exercises leading second pair, 6 x 1 min body weight resistance cardio exercises leading last pair), core & stretching.

One more two-week schedule like this and a month of exercise is planned out. But I like to wing it now and then as well 🙂


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