What if I Wait?

I was having a tough time with how I was treated by someone I care deeply about earlier this week. There were also a few business snags that threw a monkey wrench in my plans. Tempting as it was to react in the moment, I stopped briefly and asked myself this simple question:

“What if I wait?”

waitingEvery time I’ve said something I’ve regretted or strained or damaged a relationship that was important to me, it was when I was whipped up and felt a sense of urgency to “level the playing field” or somehow demand what I felt was due me.

And every time it was something really important that I needed to correct (as long as it wasn’t time-sensitive) because it was simply necessary and the right thing to do, that pause never softened my resolve to correct the situation. In fact, it solidified my certainty about my position, allowed me to take full responsibility for my views (which others did not and should not necessarily be expected to share), and act from a place of peace and dignity.

Even though it often takes only a few seconds to get to this place of calm and insight, I forget to do this sometimes.

But, like the Beatles said on Sergeant Pepper: “It’s getting better all the time.”

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