Work Hard + Eat Lean = Look Good Naked

jada-and-willUsually I try to concentrate on the health benefits of a fitness lifestyle. But the reality is that a powerful motivator for dedicating yourself to a well-designed exercise and eating plan is that you just look a whole lot different than if you don’t. And most people enjoy that change.

Most of us have heard about the crazy intense and strict regiments that some Hollywood stars go through to look a certain way for a particular role – especially if they’re playing an athlete or some other character who isn’t a fan of wearing a whole lot of clothing. I hear people say that they could do the same if they had someone telling them exactly what to eat (or cooking for them) and a 24 x 7 trainer like those stars that they, too, could look that good.

But they forget about all the hard work.

And the reality is that if you are patient and resolute, practicing simple rules consistently – controlled portion sizes of the most nutritious food, lots of water, plenty of sleep and a balanced, challenging, progressive and regular workout schedule, that most of us could look a whole lot closer to what those stars look like.

In or out of our duds.


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