Go without; go within

namaste-9Is more really better?

We’ve been told that we need to accumulate, to possess, to achieve in order to be happy. But nearly every busy, wealthy person I know is struggling to get more done than they have time to accomplish and spends a good deal of mental energy protecting the material possessions and investments they have.

It’s the same for food for many people. Fitness can also be an obsession if you have to work out every day or risk feeling anxious or guilty.

Stop and breathe. Can you complete a full breath without your mind wandering to what you think you should be doing or need to obtain or guard?

Pick a day (today?) to clean out your house or apartment, garage, car or all three. Then take a long walk with no music, just the sights and sounds around you. Listen to your breath and feel your body. Notice how blessed you are. Not everyone can do these things.

Finally, choose your food for the entire day, asking and answering these three questions before making your choices:

1. Is this a gift that provides for my body’s highest needs?

2. Can I consume only what my body requires?

3. Will I be glad I made these choices afterward?

At the end of the day, rather than watching TV, going to a movie or doing work on the computer, write a note of encouragement or praise to a friend or family member who could use it. You’ll think of the right person. Put it in an envelope and mail or leave it for them.

Go to bed and notice how you feel as you drift off to sleep.

Sleep well.


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