Self-Sabotage to Success

successThe lure of self-sabotage is based in fear. Fear is a dark cloud; ominous but without substance. It’s the false notion that we can lose something that we need in order to be whole. We are whole already. We are complete and limitless. We are Love. We have simply forgotten that important, incontrovertible fact.

When we forget, we contract, doubt, stumble or worse yet, feel paralyzed. When we remember we are energized, confident, clear, certain and at peace.

How do we remember?

1. What is the common element to every self-imposed limitation you’ve ever experienced? Fear of failure? Doubts about the wisdom of your direction or choices? Uneasiness about potential outcomes? Notice that and welcome those feelings, giving them their due consideration.

2.When do you feel most calm and empowered? It’s when you are giving of yourself without judgment or agenda; when you are extending compassion, patience, understanding or assistance of some sort. It’s when you’re sharing your gifts with others to their betterment, isn’t it? Notice that and honor the principle.

3. Realize that #1 is always speculative and situational. These aspects are fleeting and may never even materialize. So the fear is based on unreality – it’s a ghost. And every situation can change in ways you can never possibly anticipate. Nothing is completely within your control. Nor should it be. Be still with that. It prevails, no matter your intention.

4. Let go of the outcome and give your full attention to your input. The quality of your investment is the most important contribution you can make to any situation, and to your own sense of peace and personal power. Because true power is rooted in Love.

And you are, simply, Love.

So be who you are.

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