A No Stuffing (yourself) Thanksgiving

thanksgiving_dinnerA few things to remember this Thanksgiving:

1. You’re giving thanks for what you already have.

2. A veggie tray with hummus or Greek yogurt based dip is a good place to start.

3. Pre- and post-dinner physical activity is a good balance for a mid-day feast.

4. If you have twice as many choices as you normally do at dinner, you need to eat (no more than) half the volume of each item to hit a similar calorie range. Extend that ratio as appropriate (three times as many choices, one third item portion sizes, etc.)

5. Water first, then veggies, then protein (each in smaller amounts than the previous item) will help you moderate your intake.

6. Leave room for dessert, and time in between. Then when you have dessert, leave room for tea or coffee afterward, even if you don’t drink any.

7. Leftovers are nice.

Have a great day!


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