Fitness Clothes and Shoes I Love!

innov81. Innov8 Shoes. If I could have a crush on a pair of shoes, these would be the ones. I’m on my feet most of the day, have hideously deformed feet due to my medical textbook level bunions and I move about as actively and aggressively as you can without being a competitive athlete. What do I love about these beauties? The are much less bulky around my feet allowing for more natural foot placement and impact absorption, as well as balanced foot muscle development. They have almost no rise to the heel, a thin, firm sole, wide toe box, tight heel cup and are crazy light (I think they use helium in the upper). I’ve never had a more comfortable, supportive and less restrictive shoe in my life. And they look great too. If you can find the F-Lite 195 (the ones I purchased) under $100, it’s a steal. I got mine at Sports Chalet in Pleasanton.

LIG shirtprana shirt2. Prana and Life Is Good Shirts. I have a freakishly short upper body-to-leg length ratio. Consequently, most shirts that fit me in the shoulders hang on me like a dress. Not these two brands. They’re both cut for an athletic frame (not a bodybuilder) so they have a nice taper but sit, for most guys, just under the belt line. For me, they come halfway down my butt. But (no pun intended) I can live with that. Prana hangs a little lower but the fabrics are a slightly higher quality.They’re both also made from  super resilient but soft fabrics (Prana is lighter; Life Is Good warmer) and are offered in really nice colors and designs. I’m a big cotton fan and there’s not much these days made with all the features I mentioned above and also in cotton. You can find Life is Good at Sports Chalet and Passionate Athlete on Main in Pleasanton. Prana is at Sports Chalet and Any Mountain in Dubin.

lululemon pants3. Lululemon and Prana Pants and Shorts. Lululemon is simply the highest quality, best fitting, most durable fitness apparel I’ve ever worn or seen, period. It’s expensive, but wouldn’t you rather have the best for five years than pay for crap every season? Even if you get the middle of the road stuff, it’s still a better value and you’re going to enjoy wearing it more if you get what you really want and keep it for a few (or several) years. Just buy pieces one at a time and slowly build your wardrobe. You’ll be glad. I promise. As for Prana pants, they’re a recent discovery for me. I found a couple of pairs of pants that are great for training in all day but nice enough to wear out for a casual dinner. They fit me better than any pants ever have and, unlike the Lululemon pants (at least the men’s), run a little wider in the waist girth for a given seat and upper leg dimension, but have a streamlined, prana pantsflat, wide drawstring that is a very comfortable way of cinching it up if you are a bit slimmer through he waist (which I am not). They are quite frankly awesome.

Lululemon’s store in Stoneridge Mall is opening up this weekend. I got mine in Berkeley a few years ago and my latest pairs at the Walnut Creek store. You already know where to get Prana locally. If you know your size and it’s consistent, purchasing on line can be a good alternative as well.

Wear what you love and you’ll love what you’re doing. At least it helps!

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