Have a Headache?

headclampAny pain in the body is trying to tell you something. It hurts because the message is worth listening to; and there’s no better way to get your attention than physical pain. If your head hurts it could be that you’re under a great deal of stress, you need more rest, more water or any one or more of a number of other issues that need your attention. Try some of these less invasive remedies before reaching for the Tylenol (although that may be the wisest choice in the end:

  • Drink some herbal tea. In fact, lower the lights, light a candle, put on some soft music and really enjoy the time. This can help relieve stress while re-hydrating you.
  • Take a hot bath.
  • Meditate. Deep breathing and releasing our attachment to obsessive thinking can be just the trick to at least ease, if not eliminate a headache.
  • If you feel localized intense pain behind the eye, especially if it’s coupled with light sensitivity and/or nausea, it’s likely you have a migraine. An icepack on the back of the neck can be helpful here.

Light exercise may also be helpful but start very slowly and drink plenty of water, always keeping close tabs on how you’re responding. Stop if the pain doesn’t improve.

Soft music may not be your thing or you may just not be in the mood for it. Then listen to something that will move you or connect on some deep emotional level. Here’s what I’m listening to as I write this:

Feel better ;-)


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