What to Eat Before a Workout

FN_Yogurt-and-Granola-TrifleLast Friday at an intense exercise class I lead at a local company, a new participant had a bit of a rough time, especially at the end. It’s happened before from time to time with my private clients as well. Feeling over extended, then weak, light headed and even a little nauseated. It can be the start of an illness, not nearly enough rest the night before or, in rare cases, pretty significant dehydration. Don’t even THINK about coming to one of my classes or a private session with a hangover!

But much more often, the problem is simply low blood sugar. The body needs adequate easily accessible carbohydrates in the bloodstream to deliver the goods for an especially challenging workout. So what should you eat before the workout? That depends on how soon before the workout you eat. Here’s a simple formula that should work well for you:

Three hours before: A balanced meal of roughly equal parts protein, grains and produce (fruit or veggies)

Two hours before: A light snack with a protein/carb mix like yogurt, trail mix and a little fruit

One hour or less: one piece of a high water content/low fiber fruit like melon, grapes, peaches or plumbs

But the most important thing is to try to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day with small, frequent meals and snacks.


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