Healthy Habit #6: Recreational Workouts

recreationIs playing just as good as getting in a workout? That depends:

On-line poker? No
A two hour hike? Yes
Swimming in a river, lake or at the beach? Yes
Dangling your feet poolside? Um, what do you think?

So you get the idea – it comes down to how physically challenging it is for you. A gentle, introductory yoga class might build strength and stamina for someone who doesn’t regularly engage in cardio or strength training, but for a gym rat with great flexibility, the class may be designated as the “off-day” activity.

Here are some great ways to get a decent workout doing fun stuff:
– beach or grass volleyball
– throwing a frisbee
– shooting some hoops
– playing on the play structure with your kids at a nearby park
– golf without a cart
– racket sports
– long, hilly neighborhood walks

Generally speaking, you’re not trying to get your heart rate up so high that your struggling to breath or loading your muscles to the point of soreness the next day, but more enjoying the activity, company and your surroundings while burning a few more calories than you would doing some light housework or gardening. If you’re pooped when you’re done, skip the workout the next day (especially if your muscles are particularly stiff or sore.) If not, go ahead and at least get in a cardio workout the following day if that’s what’s on your calendar anyway.

And most importantly – have a great time!


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