Fit over 40 (part 3)

mature fitness coupleHow many things do you do because you want to, versus the number of things you do because you feel you have to? Is it a pretty small ratio?

Guess who has the opposite ratio?


Wealthy people who are not defined by their wealth.

Peaceful souls who love life and appreciate their blessings.

Entrepreneurs who think of success as a game and failure as a learning opportunity.

When did you get so scared?

If you want to be in great shape, feel fantastic and look terrific, you have to want to do the things that will get you there.

That means you look forward to pushing yourself, working hard and getting sweaty. It means you enjoy planning, preparing, choosing and eating healthful food.

Until you reach that point, you won’t sustain the effort, no matter what the anticipated rewards might be. Stop looking at living a healthful lifestyle like cleaning out the garage or doing your taxes. Stop acting old, and grow up.

Lecture over.

Now, if you’re ready to start, start with breakfast.

One lean protein source (egg + 2 additional whites scrambled with frozen chopped spinach), a whole grain (small amount of granola) and a fruit or veggie (V8 will be my choice tomorrow).

Eat enough to satisfy yourself for two, but not four hours. If you exercise within a half hour of waking up (my recommendation), have breakfast afterward.

Exercise? It depends on your health and level of fitness. Start with something you know you can do. Check out this great exercise index for ideas and challenge yourself but don’t overdo it if you’re just starting out. If you’re healthy and already fit, push yourself.

Then when you’re done, notice how vital you feel.

And go have that great breakfast.


Learn more about how to get and stay in great shape? Contact Dan at Tri Valley Trainer

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