It’s the Food, Fred (part 2)

Sabzi polo mahi-fish and veg. riceImagine a piping hot slice of pepperoni pizza. How about a tantalizing slice of chocolate cheesecake? Or maybe, like one of my clients, sugary soda is your “water of life”.

There’s no getting around it. Food means pleasure. But let’s take a closer look. While we can’t deny that the taste, smell and texture of certain foods sends us to the stars like a rocket ship of culinary joy, we don’t always feel so hot after over-indulging some of those delicious delights, do we?

Sometimes we feel guilty because we know our body needs those nutrients we talked about before (protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals) or because we ate a whole lot more kcals than we needed (a creamy, sugary dessert can be well over 1,000 kcals; a cup of cooked veggies is around 70). But often the “bad feeling” is almost totally physical. Remember how it feels on Thanksgiving when you have to pop the top button of your pants, you can’t bend forward to tie your shoes and you feel the last course pushing at the hollow of your throat? Have you ever felt heavy and listless in the afternoon after a huge, high calorie lunch out with your co-workers?

There’s s flip-side to this I want you to notice and appreciate: When you eat small amounts of healthy food throughout the day, your body is happier – and it will show you. How? By never feeling that deep, urgent hunger and by never feeling stuffed. But more than that, your energy will be much more even throughout the day, helping you to sleep more soundly and feel more refreshed when you wake up.

I eat 6-10 times a day and usually no more volume (sometimes a lot less!) than what my eight year-old eats at meals and snacks. Sure, it takes some planning but most of what I eat is no-prep, low-prep or already prepared. But I also know where to go and what to get when I’m out. Here’s an example of each:

1. No prep – an apple and a cheese stick
2. Low prep – a hard boiled egg + 2 whites, Oat Squares cereal in a baggie and a V8
3. Already prepped – Veggie soup I make in large quantities and refrigerate or freeze
4. Eating out – An open faced lean meat sub sandwich with hummus substituted for mayo, lots of produce

Keep watching the blog and I’ll give you lots more ideas and encouragement in these two critically important areas of eating: Composition (what you’re eating) and Volume (how much).

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