Fit over 40 (part 1)

Play at the riverWhat makes us different, in response to exercise, as we age?
Is it that our bodies simply don’t have the same potential as when we were younger? Is it the accumulation of inactivity (or, at least, reduced activity)? Is it the wear and tear of long years of training too hard or inefficiently? Is it the diminishing returns of an unbalanced program and inadequate recovery time?

The answer is that all these factors can play a role. But the good news is that we have more control over the equation than we may believe. And the formula to find out how true that is for you is actually pretty simple. Watch the next few posts to find out how you can be in better shape at 45+ than you were in high school, and in just a few hours a week. It’s not complicated, but it takes commitment.

More on this soon…

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